Category: Competition


nodo17 group has been awarded with an Honorable Mention in Seoul Compact City International Design Competition.

We proposed an extremely fluid urban design for Seoul Compact City. An urban catalyst, based on diversity, connectivity, density, and a vibrant urban life. We designed from the small scale, of two neighbors talking and walking, to the bigger scale of the connection of Sinnae 3 with Sinnae 4, and to Sinnae metro station.

A system of different types of slope streets, formed by Main and Community Streets, will connect smoothly Sinnae 3 with Sinnae 4. The neighborhood squares located on the top of Bukbu Expressway will act as a meeting place for both districts. These squares are accomodating permanent and temporary programs, as weekend markets.

Finally, the identity of Seoul Compact City will be based on its capacity for building a recognizable landmark, from the scale of the northeast gateway, to the small scale of the Community Streets.